Friday, April 28th, 2017
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Best Places in the White Mountains to Smooch Your Sweetie

Best Places in the White Mountains to Smooch Your Sweetie

It’s winter, so here in the White Mountains, we’ve traded out our flip-flops and cut-offs for ski boots, gloves, goggles, parkas, snow pants, hats (or helmets) and, if it’s really cold, a pocketful of hand and toe warmers.

In most cases, though, a liplock with your sweetie is possible and we’ve come up with a few ideas of where the best places to do just that can be found.

Pin Chairlifts
Back in the day, when the wheels spun at a significantly slower rate than today’s high-speed lifts, there was time for pleasant conversation with your seatmate and even time to blow your nose. Today, your ride to the top of whatever mountain you’ll be skiing down is faster than you can say ‘To infinity and beyond!’

But there is just enough time to carefully maneuver goggles and swoop in for a smooch before you reach the top and take off for another run.

Don’t have a sweetie? Head to Black Mountain in Jackson on Feb. 11 for the annual Chairlift Speed Dating event. Who knows? You may start a fulfilling relationship that goes downhill from there.

Pin Covered Bridges
From the time the first spans over streams and rivers were built with roofs over them for safe travels of man and beast, lovers found them to be just the place for a little privacy on a New Hampshire night.

If you stand in a covered bridge at midnight, you will hear a murmuring like little kissing winds ... Eleanor Early, Behold the White Mountains, 1935.

Any covered bridge will do (and here’s a list of where you can find them in the White Mountains), but if you are serious about your sweetie, take him/her to Jackson. Where the road veers off Route 16 toward this pretty little mountain town, there’s a covered bridge crossing the Wildcat River.

This is the Honeymoon bridge, so called because of the tradition of lovers kissing under it for good luck. And who can’t use a little good luck, obtained in such a charming manner?

Pin Cross Country Ski Trails
There are hundreds of miles of cross country ski trails winding throughout the White Mountains, places that take you into the quiet hush you can only find in the winter woods. It doesn’t take long to lose the rest of the world, leaving you and your sweetie gliding along the snow, with just evergreens and beautiful views surrounding you. Go ahead - this is a smooch you will remember for winters to come.

Pin A Grand Hotel

We’ve got two of them in the White Mountains that continue a tradition of more than a century of hospitality, luxury and glamor. Looking for a fairytale backdrop? Head to the Omni Mount Washington Hotel in Bretton Woods or the Mountain View Grand Resort and Spa in Whitefield.

These are places where you dress for dinner; where you can count mountains and watch the moonrise over Mount Washington. Both hotels ooze romance. May we suggest the verandas as a nice place for that smooch?

Pin A Sleigh Ride
Imagine just the two of you in a one-horse open sleigh (and the driver, of course), snuggled into warm blankets (not the driver, he’s on his own) and a panorama of mountains and impossibly blue skies. This is the perfect place to steal a smooch because the horse will never know. Here’s a list of stables offering sleigh rides.