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Waterfalls in the White Mountains, they're refreshing with their cool waters and their beauty. They provide arresting displays of nature's power during spring run-offs, are a welcome retreat on a hot summer day, reflect fall's colors in autumn, and reflect incredible frozen beauty in winter.

There are over 100 waterfalls in the White Mountains, and more in the nearby Lakes Region. Some, like Silver and Flume Cascades are easily seen from the road, while others require a hike.

The waterfalls mentioned below were chosen for their beauty and accessibility. Whichever waterfalls you choose to explore, please remember to wear sturdy, flat, rubber-soled walking shoes and take care during your explorations. Rocks and water make for slippery, and sometimes even dangerous going.

Swim only where allowed and never drink the water. We ask that you help keep these special places beautiful by taking out everything you brought in, especially if you picnic. Always stay on marked trails and respect private property so that we can all continue to enjoy these remarkable falls for many years to come.

Truss designs varied. Many bridges in the White Mountains utilize paddleford trusses, which were originated by Peter Paddleford of Littleton, New Hampshire. Each covered bridge is unique and holds many special and scenic features.

For more specific directions to falls where a hike in is required, see the Appalachian Mountain Club "Guide to the White Mountains" or "Waterfalls of the White Mountains" by Bruce and Doreen Bolnick. Both are excellent references and are available at local bookstores and many sporting goods stores.

Listed below are selected Waterfalls located here in the White Mountains.

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