5 Late-Fall Activities for Romance

We may be in that in-between space of fall and winter, but romance is always in the air in the White Mountains. If you’re looking for a couple’s getaway here’s an itinerary of 5 activities to keep the flame burning.

Book a stay at Adventure Suites Theme Hotel -North Conway

Start your couple’s getaway by booking an adventurous retreat at Adventure Suites Theme Hotel in the heart of North Conway. There is a themed suite for everyone including the Gladiator themed “Roman Rendezvous”, the Log Cabin, the Wine Cellar, Cupid’s Corner and many more. Honeymoon and Anniversary packages are available as well as many add-on packages including champagne and chocolates in your suite.

Muddy Paw Sled Dog Kennel -Jefferson
Here in the White Mountains, dog sledding is a year-round adventure. At Muddy Paw Sled Dog Kennel, you can experience the thrill of riding on a sled dog cart, designed for times when there is no snow. With the wind in your face, you will enjoy stunning views of the Presidential Range and meet and greet with the sled dogs that will take you on your journey.

Couples Massage at Balanced Rock Bodyworks -Lincoln

Massage relieves stress and relaxes the body and mind. Balanced Rock Bodyworks creates a comforting environment for couples looking to get a massage together. Couples get the choice of relaxation or deep tissue massage, facial towel and foot treatment, snack tray and beverage, hot stone treatment on the back, and aromatherapy. A perfect addition to any romantic getaway.

Winery Tours and Tastings at Seven Birches Winery -Lincoln

Take a “Meet the Winemakers” Tour of Seven Birches Winery in the beautiful Riverwalk Resort at Loon Mountain and learn about the winemaking process. Sample barrel aged red wine, enjoy a “Chat with the Winemaker” and experience how delicious locally made NH wine can be. If a tour isn't running while you're in the area, the Riverwalk Tasting Room is open 7 days a week in the afternoon and a tasting includes a sampling of 5 wines from their tasting menu.

Dinner at La Vista -Lincoln

After your wine tasting, take a quick walk down the hallway of Riverwalk Resort where you will find La Vista, serving Italian inspired cuisine. Enjoy a glass of wine, order a couple of delicious wood-fired pizzas, and share a homemade tiramisu.


Star gaze on the Kancamagus Highway

On a clear night, if you drive up the Kancamagus Highway to one of the scenic overlooks, you will feel like you are in a planetarium show. Millions of stars will be twinkling and it seems like you could reach out and touch them. The Leonid Meteor Shower is November 17-8 and the Kanc would be a prime spot to watch for meteors.