5 Maple Events On Tap in the White Mountains

MAPLE MONTH IS HERE! We may get just a teensy bit excited when March arrives. The sap buckets are hung from the maple trees with care in hopes that the sap will flow and syrup will be made! We know we’re not the only ones who worship this delicious treat, and thankfully not only is the month of March devoted to maple, but March 22-24 is THE official “New Hampshire Maple Weekend”. There are many events and celebrations “on tap” and here are our favorites happening in the White Mountains.

The Maple Experience at the Rocks Estate - Saturdays and Sundays March 23 through April 6

Join the Rocks for guided tours of their sugaring operation including horse drawn and tractor drawn rides, tap a maple tree with the group, tree ID, and the history of mapling. Visit the Maple Museum and sample maple syrup and donuts. There will also be kettle corn being made on-site, and a local food truck will be set up serving maple-centric lunch items.

Maple Syrup is a Family Tradition at Fadden’s Sugar House –March 23 & 24

Head to Fadden’s Sugar House and General Store March 24 and 25 to learn how the Fadden family has been making Award-winning maple syrup since 1896. Visit and tour the sugar house, where the syrup will be boiling, enjoy sugar on snow, take a horse-drawn wagon ride, and peruse the general store to take home your very own maple syrup.

Maple Weekend Event at Fuller’s Sugar House -March 23 and 24

To make things doubly sweet, Fuller’s will have two locations open during Maple Weekend. Soak in the views of the Presidential Range as you drive to Fuller’s Sugarhousein Jefferson for a fun and fascinating experience for all ages! Enjoy a walking tour of the woods to see how they collect sap from the maple trees. Inside the sugarhouse, you will watch their process for converting sap into pure maple syrup. If weather permits, Fuller’s Sugarhouse will be boiling! Throughout the weekend, sugar-on-snow, maple coffee, donuts, and samples of Fuller’s Sugarhouse pure maple syrup and candy will be served. Don’t forget to stop at their Country Store in Lancaster where you can purchase their maple syrup as well as their many other maple-themed and delicious products.

Maple Sugaring in the 100 Acre Wood -Weekends in March and early April

Believe in Books Literacy Foundation’s 100-Acre Wood invites guests to enjoy a self-guided tour of their sugar house, which is located at the start of their Maple Storybook Trail. If steam is rolling out of the sugar shack, stop in and learn how they make their delicious maple syrup and sample the finished product. You can also purchase your very own 100-Acre Wood Maple Syrup with the proceeds benefitting their literacy programs. Interested in making your own maple syrup? Believe in Books offers a “Tap Your Own” program where you can rent a kit which includes a tap, a bucket, and more. You provide the trees, they’ll provide the equipment!

Maple Sugaring Open House at Remick Country Doctor Museum & Farm -March 23-24

Celebrate the sweet taste of spring at Remick Country Doctor Museum Farm in Tamworth Village. Spend time in their working Sugar House, learn about and interact with historic methods as well as modern techniques of producing maple syrup. Savor a sample of Remick’s own maple syrup and other delicious treats. Enjoy walking the farm grounds and meeting the farm animals!

*For a full list of sugar houses that will be participating in Maple Month, head to nhmapleproducers.com