For a Good Time, Zipline in the Rain

You know what’s a fun way to spend a few hours? Ziplining through the trees in the White Mountains. Want to know a great time to do it? In the rain. “Rain makes you go faster!” said one confident tour guide during a recent tour of Alpine Adventures in downtown Lincoln. Sure you’re going to get a little wet, but are you going to melt? The staff at Alpine will lend you rain gear if you’ve come unprepared for the ever-changing weather elements in the White Mountains, so you may not even get wet at all.

Starting at headquarters on Main Street, you are shown your safety gear and the correct way to wear it. The group piles into a van and is driven to the base of Barron Mountain where the majority of Alpine’s 300 acres is located. Hop out, and into a 1970’s Swiss Army Pinzgauer, and then your adventure truly begins. You are driven through mud, ruts, ditches, and begin to ascend the mountain at a precarious angle that you’re not quite sure the vehicle will make it up. Trust me. It does.

If you do the Treetop Canopy tour (the perfect tour for first-timers and for children), you are surrounding by a canopy of trees, and may even feel like you have been transported into an Amazonian rain forest.On this particular course, there are 6 separate ziplines that get progressively longer, ranging from 250 feet in length to 1,000 feet and ending at the Zip Six, which is a 45mph pendulum zip that simulates a free fall. Don’t let being 80 feet up in the air intimidate you, though. The trained and knowledgeable guides go through the entire process with you, explaining where to place your hands and how to step off each platform. The harness you wear can sustain the weight of a truck, and your helmet, or “brain bucket” as the staff lovingly call them, protects you from the occasional bump along the way.

Rain or shine, as you zip through the forest, you will marvel at mountain views, and you can see down to the highway below where cars look miniaturized. Zipping through the trees, the rain may hit your face, but each zip lasts under a minute and before long you are safely down on the next platform where your tour guide asks “How was that?” ‘Fun, right?” Fun is right.

Zip Happy

Alpine Adventures operates year-round and you can zip in bright sunshine, rain, beautiful foliage, and snow.

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