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Franconia and Lincoln, NH

Written By: Kyra Price
Franconia and Lincoln, NH

Franconia and Lincoln, New Hampshire

Welcome to Lincoln New Hampshire. In case you were confused that is a long way from Nebraska. Franconia is a neighboring town full of adventures for all. So come along and see for yourself.

Are you looking for a little nature getaway? A great trail for people of all skills is the Flume Gorge. It's a paved trail that looks like it's going nowhere until yo get to the wooden bridge. I always thought god was the only one who could walk on water. Turns out that theory is wrong cause even I can get pretty damn close. Every wish you could get to the top of the waterfall and watch it go down, side by side. Here at Flume Gorge it's possible.

The path takes you on a staircase that is bolted in the rock that climbs the side of the waterfall. I didn't really have many expectations for this trail. I thought we would just get a couple cool photos of a waterfall and turn around, boy was I wrong. The pictures you can get when you on top of the water, watching the falls flow beneath the gaps on the steps. Go explore for yourself and feel that rush!

Another good eat is the Gypsy Cafe. It’s the perfect small town gem. All the dishes have a homemade flare to those refreshing recipes we all know and love. The decor is where they win you over. All the tables and walls are covered in these gorgeous mosaics that are locally designed. For such a small town they sure do have some great food options.

The Franconia Notch State Park is filled with scenic nature walks. You could get lost in all the beauty for days. If your more of a watcher rather than a doer try the Cannon Mountain Tramway. It takes no effort to get to the top at all. All you have to do is sit and look out to the mountains. Did I mention it's an aerial tramway? Oops my bad, but dont worry that only adds to the adventure. If you have never been on a aerial tramway before, prepare to be amazed. It is so simple to ride, it's like an enclosed chair lift.

From the top on a clear day you can see mountains all the to Canada. You can walk out at the top onto the deck and even grab a bite to eat. If you're looking for even more adventure, try the hike to the tower. You can walk up a couple flights of stairs for even better 360’ views. When your ready take the tram down and make sure to look for Echo Lake on your way down.

Now I’m not much of a foodie myself, actually I’m quite the opposite. But the food was the highlight of my trip. GH pizza is definitely a must, 10 out of 10. Every time I think about it I taste it all over. Its a local favorite, but don't be intimidated by the crowd. Their speedy and it is worth the wait. The building is a little shop on the main drag, so be careful you don't want to miss it. After dinner make sure to wrap up your trip with a stop next door for some refreshing ice cream.

Between neighboring Franconia’s adventure and Lincoln’s food you have the ingredients for the perfect day. So experience the peaks of what the white mountains have to offer. Your trip is sure to be bumped up a notch. Enjoy!

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