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Midweek Nature Trips in the White Mountains

For those visitors looking to take a midweek getaway, you will find that some of our legendary attractions are just getting ready for the summer season and are only open on weekends. But don't be discouraged, there are still several ways to enjoy some time in the White Mountains. Whatever your reason is for joining us midweek this spring, here are 7 natural wonders of the White Mountains that you need to experience.

Number 1 Lupines! During the month of June, the towns of Franconia and Sugar Hill celebrate this beautiful flower with the annual Lupine Festival. There are events and activities month long, or you can just find yourself lost in a sea of lupines overlooking incredible views of the White Mountains

Number 2 Arethusa Falls-The trailhead for this incredible waterfall is located in Crawford Notch and this moderate 1.5 mile hike in will lead you to a 160 foot waterfall that will leave you in awe. The name Arethusa comes from Greek mythology and was the name of a nymph who turned into a fountain.

Number 3 Visit a ghost town- Located on Sawyer River Road, about 4 miles from Bartlett Village on Route 302, is the ghost town of Livermore. An approximate 1.5 mile trek up the old dirt road will lead you to the overgrown remnants of the old logging town. You may spot some cellar holes from homes that are long gone, the chimney from the saw mill, or a rusted out safe. If you are looking to continue on the trail, about 2 miles past Livermore, you will come to Sawyer Pond which offers scenic views and campsites.

Number 4 Discovery Trail Interpretive Site-Located off of the Kancamagus Highway, this 1.4 mile loop includes interpretive panels along the trail so visitors can get an understanding of the ecological and historical aspects of the White Mountains. Trail is approximately 6.2 miles off of Exit 32 in Lincoln.

Number 5 Take a Bike Ride-There are many places to ride a bike in the White Mountains, but the 8.8 mile Franconia Recreation Path located in the heart of Franconia Notch gives you a mix of uphill, downhill, and breathtaking views. There are bike rental options right off of the trail as well as in Lincoln, or you can bring your own! Take side rides to check out the Basin as well as the Old Man in the Mountain Memorial.

Number 6 Climb an Elephant’s Head-Located in Crawford Notch, this rock face is aptly named as it bears a strong resemblance to an elephant’s head and trunk! This easy .3 mile hike will only take you about 30 minutes to complete and offers stunning views for minimal effort.

Number 7 The White Mountains Trail- If you are looking to soak in the scenery, consider taking a drive on this 100 mile loop. The trail begins in North Woodstock and brings you through Franconia Notch, Bretton Woods, North Conway, and into Lincoln. There are many scenic vistas, trails, and shops to explore along the way and you might see a moose or two!