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Our Yearly Trek to the Beautiful White Mountains

Written By: Janice Berte
Our Yearly Trek to the Beautiful White Mountains

Our yearly trek to the White Mountains of New Hampshire

By: Janice Elizabeth Berte

It’s another cold and dreary day in March, but that didn’t stop my husband and me in taking the 3.5 hour trek from Massachusetts to the White Mountains region of New Hampshire. Usually once a year, the urge will kick in, and we both say to each other that it is time to ensconce ourselves in the bucolic and quaint village of North Conway.

I prepare and pack smartly since you never know what can happen on the highways.This usually includes some snacks, beverages, extra winter clothing, medical kits, blankets, boots and anything else that we deem as necessary. We gas up; check the fluids and tire pressure in our vehicle and off we go. Basically, the beginning of the trek consists of catching up and sharing forgotten stories about work and family updates. Once that is done, then a Michael Jackson or Marvin Gaye CD gets loaded in and we sing along to the rhythmic sounds of these legendary singers.

After several hours, we enter into the Kancamagus Highway. The travel route seemed effortless with no inclement weather in sight until we notice the skies clouding up, and snow suddenly appears full blown. We are heading up a mountain on the highway, and it appears that we are driving into a mini snow burst. We go from 45 miles per hour down to 15 miles per hour and lower. The music gets turned off, and we white knuckled it for about 5 minutes. Wow! Talk about crazy weather patterns, but heading up into the mountains, this kind of situation can happen on occasion.

Once we caught our breath and moved into the village of North Conway, we proceeded to look for any new shops and restaurants and enjoyed the mesmerizing views of the White Mountains. We both love the feeling of being surrounded in a pool of gargantuan mountains that reach to the skies. My husband moves the vehicle over to the sidewalk, shuts the car off and we sit silently looking around at this circle of mountain heaven. It is cold outside, but the windows get opened and we breathe in the fresh air listening to the bustle of skiers passing by us.

We both look at each other and just smile.