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American Coaster Enthusiasts Summer Conference in New England

American Coaster Enthusiasts Summer Conference in New England

American Coaster Enthusiasts Summer Conference in New England

- Celebrating a hobby and three area parks -

The American Coaster Enthusiasts are holding their annual Summer Conference July 26 – 28, 2019 at Funtown Splashtown USA, Saco, Maine; Story Land, Glen, N.H.; and Santa's Village, Jefferson, N.H. Over a hundred attendees are expected to attend from at least 21 states riding six different roller coasters between the three parks. Big or small, short or tall, we ride them all to embrace our hobby! Psychology Today encourages active, outdoor hobbies as part of a healthier, happier life and we are happy to help our members to embrace them.

Funtown Splashtown offers two roller coasters including Excalibur, the first wooden coaster in Maine in more than 50 years, built in 1998. The park also has a steel structure Wild Mouse.

Story Land is home to a pair of roller coasters: the Polar Coaster and their newer wood coaster, Roar-O-Saurus. Built in 2014, the 1,241 foot long, 40 feet tall ride delivers a great ride for the entire family.

Santa’s Village will entertain summer conference attendees with their pair of junior steel roller coasters, Rudy’s Rapid Transit and Poogee Penguin’s Spin Out.

Exclusive ride time will be offered to enthusiasts either before the park opens or after it closes to the public.

About ACE: Founded in 1978, American Coaster Enthusiasts is a nonprofit, volunteer organization dedicated to the preservation, promotion, appreciation and safe enjoyment of roller coasters. With more than 5,000 members worldwide, ACE is the largest and longest-running enthusiast organization in the world. Members of ACE receive exclusive park benefits, newsletters, magazines and the opportunity to attend local, national and even international tours at parks. ACE has been prominently featured on various news programs and many cable networks such as the Travel Channel.