Local Artists Rebecca Klementovich Opens a Pop-Up Art Exhibit at Settlers Green

Local Artists Rebecca Klementovich Opens a Pop-Up Art Exhibit at Settlers Green

July 17, 2019 (North Conway, NH) – Settlers Green continues efforts to shine light on the local art community by teaming up with local artist, Rebecca Klementovich, for a pop-up art viewing exhibit that will be displayed for the remainder of the summer.

The pop-up, which can be viewed at Suite H20 near Van Heusen IZOD and Under Armour, displays seven acrylic paintings, painted in a modern Art Pop style. It is part of a series of work inspired by the “Can We Talk?” mural, which is a 10-foot mural located near Francesca’s at Settlers Green. Klementovich painted that mural live, on-site in 2017. Klementovich refers to the series as, “When Warhol Died, He Told Me This.”

“The main detail for this work is dictated by a dark outline to give a modern edge of the faces. I was going for a graphic Pop Art look, much like Andy Warhol’s art,” Klementovich said.

Before she painted, she spent two hours practicing drawing the faces and hands, so that when it came time for the final work, the lines of the faces and hands were done in one singular stroke.

“As simple as the lines look, they take a lot of prep work,” she added. “Simplicity is sometimes the hardest to achieve.”

Klementovich’s work has become a symbol of the Settlers Green art scene. Her “Can We Talk?” piece near Francesca’s has been replicated on reusable shopping bags and Klementovich signed copies of her piece that were handed out in celebration of World Art Day in April.

Rebecca's work has also been featured on New Hampshire Chronicle and she was voted Women Artist To Watch in 2017 by New England Magazine.

After relocating from NYC to the mountains of New Hampshire, Rebecca has been redeveloping her painting style and color palette. Her work has been exhibited in a variety of venues including Newport Art Museum, Canterbury Hill Studio, and Patricia Carega Gallery. She will have an exhibit at the Rochester Museum of Fine Arts starting August 31.

“Rebecca’s work is vibrant, happy, and Insta-worthy” said Laura Lemieux, director of marketing at Settlers Green. “Pop-ups are all the craze right now in retail including art experiences, and it is nice to see an artist like Rebecca share her work so openly and allow people to experience it in their own way.”

For Klementovich, the feeling is mutual. “What is so great about this pop-up show is that Settlers Green is supporting and exposing local artists in such a heavy traffic area,” Klementovich said. “Public art is a great way to show how our town supports the arts.”

Settlers Green has over six public art features. It plans to add two more pieces in 2019. For a map of all the art at Settlers Green, visit bit.ly/SGArtTour. For more on Rebecca Klementovich’s work or to purchase the featured pieces at the pop-up, visit www.klementovich.com.