Outstanding employee owners of 2019 recognized at Littleton Coin Company

LITTLETON, NEW HAMPSHIRE – Littleton Coin Company (LCC) is pleased to announce its annual awards for outstanding achievements by employee owners. The Maynard Sundman Quality Awards named for LCC’s beloved founder and the Suggestion of the Year Award were presented at a company meeting on Thursday, January 16, by Chief Operating Officer Stephen Brooks and Director of Fulfillment Dawn Carlson.

Garrett McMann of LCC’s Coin Processing department was named the Maynard Sundman Quality Employee of the Year for 2019. Joining the Coin Processing group over six years ago, Garrett was recognized for outstanding job performance in a variety of roles, enthusiastic assistance on special projects and to other departments, and a consistently friendly, positive and inspiring manner. Achieving a production rate of 113% and overall quality level of nearly 100%, Garrett received over 20 commendations from his peers during 2019 for his contributions to the company.

Two LCC employee owners received awards for Outstanding Attention to Quality. Lynn Campagna of Inbound Fulfillment, who has been with the company for over 16 years, was recognized for exemplary contributions in the implementation of a new phone system and the utilization of software for the retrieval of customer information in support of our Fulfillment and Special Account teams.

The second winner was Heidi Emmons of Outbound Fulfillment, who has been a valuable member of the department for over 18 years. Heidi was recognized for her exceptional focus on quality and customer satisfaction as well as her important contributions to increase the accuracy and efficiency of order filling and inventory replenishment.

Kathy Simonds of Outbound Fulfillment received the 2019 Suggestion Award of the Year for a simple yet brilliant change in packaging to substantially reduce shipping expenses by an estimated annual savings of $23,000.

We congratulate the four award recipients for their exemplary efforts and contributions during 2019 to the continued success of our 100% employee-owned and operated business. Littleton Coin employs over 270 area residents in a wide variety of interesting full-time and part-time positions.