POLAR CAVES PARK DISCOVERED AS HOME TO ANCIENT CAVE DWELLERS -Fictional novella brings to life environmentally-focused and educational journey; Spotlights mystical folk unearthed from stealth existence due to environmental change

POLAR CAVES PARK DISCOVERED AS HOME TO ANCIENT CAVE DWELLERS -Fictional novella brings to life environmentally-focused and educational journey; Spotlights mystical folk unearthed from stealth existence due to environmental change

RUMNEY, NH (June 4, 2019) As the New England weather warms, the town of Rumney, N.H. will become a popular destination for visitors seeking rock climbing, bouldering, hiking and exploration adventures across New Hampshire's central region. The staff of Polar Caves Park, an historic, family-friendly destination encompassing nine granite caves, climbing attractions and sweeping New Hampshire panoramas, was this year alerted to a population of mystical beings dwelling beneath the caves, brought to the surface because of dwindling ice reserves.

In a fictional story set in Rumney, N.H., miniature old timers remind us that our future is linked with the past. Author Karen Walczyk Prescott, with a passion for science, technology and the sustainability of our natural world, brings to life valuable lessons through the first of three novellas, the Babbling Brook Society.

Comprised of three unique clans the Toppers who live deep in the caves above the valley; the Boggers from Quincy Bog; and the Loggers residing in the dry hollows of the forest. Babbling Brook Society members have scampered across the Central New Hampshire region for centuries, until climate change and other environmental factors forced them to the surface.

The Earth is our home and how we treat it has far-reaching impact, said Prescott. The Babbling Brook Society is a vehicle for showcasing important lessons about environmental protection, friendship and trust, as well as a celebration of the wonder and joy experienced simply by being outdoors.

The backdrop for the novella trio is the town of Rumney, with historical facts about the town sprinkled throughout the story. Polar Caves Park, a geological wonder of uniquely formed talus caves and granite boulders deposited by glaciers more than 20,000 years ago, is the setting for Babbling Brook Society, and home to the Toppers.

Literature is capable of transporting readers, continued Prescott. Summer is a perfect time to encourage adventure and fantasy fiction provides a creative way to spark engaged learning. Through Babbling Brook Society, readers can become immersed in narratives and valuable learning while also gaining a multi-sensory experience through a visit to Polar Caves Park and Quincy Bog Natural Area.

With attention given to geology, water cycles, energy, conservation and technology, the target audience for Babbling Brook Society is young adult through adult readers, however the idea of miniature societies living in the nether regions of caves, poking around bog plans and lurking within tree hollows appeals to children, too. If interested in a field trip to Polar Caves Park, to seek out Willy Topper and other members of the clan, visit www.polarcaves.com for admission, hours, group rates and more.

Prescott, who earned dual Master's Degrees in both Environmental Management and English Education, has taken her love of education and teaching and combined it with her passion for both writing and the environment. In addition to the series, Prescott has added another level of learning to the launch of Babbling Brook Society with a companion curriculum available on Babbling Brook Society's website, incorporating both science and language guides, designed to facilitate student inquiry.

This coming weekend, author Karen Prescott will host a book signing event at Polar Caves Main Lodge on Saturday, June 8 from 9 am- 11am. The Babbling Brook Society will be on sale in the lodge for $9.95.

About Babbling Brook Society

Babbling Brook Society is the first of a fictional, three-novella series leveraging historical facts and real geographic settings designed to inspire greater environmental stewardship and a passion for the outdoors. Babbling Brook Society is currently available via Amazon.com and Audible. Follow on stories including Waterfall Down Lodge and Cranny Nook Circle will be available in 2020. The series is written by author and middle-school ELA teacher Karen Walczyk Prescott, who makes her home in Niskayuna, New York with her husband, three children and puppy named Cooper. For more information, companion teacher guides and curriculum coinciding with Babbling Brook Society, visit www.babblingbrooksociety.com.

Also this weekend, June 8-9, 2019 is "NH Weekend”. Polar Caves Park is offering half-off regular priced admission for NH residents!