About Us

The White Mountains Attractions Association, New Hampshire’s official regional destination marketing organization, serves as the source for travel planning to visitors globally. Our role is to inspire visitors to choose the White Mountains as their preferred travel destination while minimizing impact on the community and the environment.

We are an economic driver. We inspire people to responsibly visit the White Mountains through collaborative promotion.

The White Mountains. Where all are welcome to come, play, and be inspired to stay.

OUR VALUES: Our team values help guide the way we work.
We Welcome
From our mountain tops to main streets, we invite, accept, and value everyone.
We Explore
We honor the paths that brought us here and also seek new peaks.
We Collaborate
We build and strengthen our roots together while appreciating the uniqueness of each branch.
We Respect
We champion and cherish our remarkable characteristics, communities, and guests.
We Love Fun
Our legendary Attractions, natural wonders, and local businesses provide lasting enjoyment for all who wish to play.
We are Natural
It is in our nature to care for our beautiful resource, blaze new trails, and share the adventures we’ve discovered.


The objective of our Strategic Plan is to maximize marketing and development opportunities and the economic success of our destination, while minimizing impact on our community and the environment. Our Key Initiatives and Targets are informed by research and interviews, align with ongoing initiatives, and will grow collaboration among partners and our community.

The stakeholder engagement process built partner consensus for the trends impacting the industry and the vision for the destination. The performance survey assessment defined our strengths, as well as development opportunities. Through this process, we defined four pillars that are the foundation for our five-year Strategic Plan -they ensure what we set out to accomplish. This plan aids in guiding our operations and will help to inform our members and community about our strategies.

Our Strategic Plan reflects our commitment to longer-term plans, while retaining the flexibility to respond to changes in our operating landscape, market, and economic conditions. At the operational level, the execution of the plan includes our marketing initiatives, research and data, business results, member input, and third-party research. The goals of this plan are to educate and engage guests, residents, members, and stakeholders, remain a leader in the tourism industry, be accountable and transparent, and illustrate how we define, measure, and achieve success for the White Mountains.

WMA Strategic Plan Pillars


White Mountains Attractions Foundation

The White Mountains Attractions Foundation exists to award scholarships to deserving graduating seniors from high schools in the White Mountains region of New Hampshire, in pursuit of educational advancement in the state of New Hampshire and who have been working at an Attraction and/or in the Tourism industry.

White Mountain Mikey Living the Tourism Dream Memorial Scholarship Application