Sugar Hill - New Hampshire

Sugar Hill is a small town in New Hampshire and is known as the “newest” town incorporated in 1962 and its name derives from the large groves of sugar maples within the town limits. This quintessential New England village offers unparalleled views of the Presidential, Franconia, Kinsman, and Dalton ranges and each year in June welcomes the blooming of the glorious fields of pink and purple lupine flowers, making Sugar Hill one of the most scenic places to visit in Northern New England.

In 1929, the first resort-based ski school in the country was established on the slopes of a hill in the town, providing the push to the sport of skiing America knows today. 

Sugar Hill is also popular because of Polly’s Pancake Parlor and Harmen’s Cheese Store. Polly’s Pancake Parlor is famous for its homemade pancakes, made from scratch, offering flavors like buttermilk, buckwheat, gingerbread, and many more. They strive to use locally sourced ingredients including Fuller’s Maple Syrup in Lancaster, NH. Harman’s Cheese & Country Store located in the middle of Sugar Hill started their mail-order business in 1955. In 1981, the Aldrich family purchased the business and have continued building upon the business offering natural, premium-grade, white cheddar cheese. Not only will you find these delicious cheeses but choose from hundreds of additional locally made products as well.