White Mountains Foliage Tracker

Below is our Fall Foliage Color Meter and the area is broken down by regions to help you navigate and experience the best areas for color.  See some color changing in your travels? Share your photos on Instagram and tag us! #whitemountains (Last Updated 9/21/21)

White Mountains Fall Colorometer

Western White Mountains
Towns: Lincoln/Woodstock, Campton/Thornton, Waterville Valley, Plymouth, Rumney, Warren
Color: 15-20%

The hillsides are starting to see an overall muted wash of purple, red, and yellow, and a gradual widespread has begun. Areas in Waterville Valley and Lincoln/Woodstock are the most noticeable. 

Definite widespread color change has begun along the Western side of the Kancamagus Highway, especially up in the hilltops. Pops of yellow and orange are showing up along the road as well. 


Northern White Mountains
Towns: Franconia Notch, Franconia/Sugar Hill, Bethlehem, Twin Mountain/Bretton Woods, Gorham, Jefferson
Color: 25-30%

Franconia Notch, Franconia/Sugar Hill, and Bethlehem are showing more pops of yellows and reds mixed in with the green and it is starting to be quite noticeable in spots. The Notches tend to turn slightly quicker than other sections of this region.

Bretton Woods is beginning to see more widespread change with the yellows and red maples. Not as much orange or purple, but we expect to start seeing those soon.  

Further north in areas such as Pittsburg and Colebrook, the yellows and oranges are becoming more pronounced amongst the green leaves. These changes are especially noted along the roadways. The hillsides are starting to turn over to a muted color scheme.

Eastern White Mountains
Towns: Bartlett/Glen, Jackson, North Conway, Tamworth, Madison, Albany
Color: 15-20%

Certain trees are starting to turn, but still more greens than yellows and oranges at this point. 

This side of the Kancamagus Highway and into Conway and Jackson has no significant widespread change, but pops of color are starting to emerge.  

Southern White Mountains / Lakes Region
Towns: Ashland, Meredith, Center Harbor, Tilton, Moultonborough, Wolfeboro, Alton, Ossipee
Color: 15%

The change continues to grow in the Lakes Region with a gradual widespread change...definite muted tones in the hillsides. Reds and yellows are starting to show through.