While you’re on vacation here in the White Mountains, we encourage you to hit the trails with your family and explore the great outdoors and the natural beauty that surrounds us. There are plenty of great hiking options for families or for those who just want to take a short jaunt in the woods. Here are 5 hikes to get you started this summer.


Smarts Brook Loop-Thornton

This a fun spot for families as the hike to the 30 foot granite gorge within the Smarts Brook Trail is only 0.5 miles in. The entire loop, which passes the beaver meadow is 3.6 miles. There are plenty of spots along the way to sit out on the rocks and splash around in the small cascades.


Foss Mountain-Eaton

This is a hike that is great for those looking to stretch the legs, get some lovely 360° views and have a family picnic at the top. (Look for blueberries in season!) The trail itself is a little under a mile in length, so it is good for all abilities. Also a nice spot to watch the sunset.


Peaked Mountain-Conway

This 3.5 mile loop trail offers granite slabs to rest on at the top and incredible views of the Moat Mountain Range along with Mount Chocorua, Middle Mountain, and Black Cap Mountain. The drive to the trailhead is slightly off the beaten path and offers classic New England scenery along the way.


Stinson Mountain-Rumney

On New Hampshire’s list, “52 With a View”, this 3.4 mile, out and back hike, is a gradual walk to the summit so it is a good trail for beginners or younger hikers. If you want to lengthen the hike a bit, you can opt to make it a loop hike by descending via the snowmobile trail instead.


Georgiana Falls-Lincoln

For families looking to find a waterfall, get out in the woods, but not put in too much effort, this is an excellent trail. The trail is only 0.7 miles and the majority runs along an old, relatively flat, snowmobile trail. The falls are about 30 feet in height and are a great place to relax.