The White Mountains are known for their breathtaking views as well as their stunning waterfalls. There are hundreds of waterfalls in the White Mountains; some are right off the road, and others require a short hike. In the summer, (especially after a good rainstorm), these awe-inspiring beauties show off their full potential. To get the most bang for your viewing buck, we’ve compiled a list of the top 10 tallest waterfalls in the White Mountains that you just have to see to believe. Which ones are your favorite?

Silver and Flume Cascades300 Total Feet - You get a two for one special with these waterfalls, as they are located next to each other in Crawford Notch State Park on Route 302. If you are heading East on 302, they will be on your left, just past the AMC Highland Center, with parking available across the street. The waterfalls are right off the road, so the only effort you’ll need to make is to get your camera out and start snapping!

Thompson Falls: 150 Total Feet-This seven-tiered waterfall is located near the base of Wildcat Mountain on Route 16 in Pinkham Notch. It is an easy 0.7-mile walk to access the falls. The lowest tier of Thompson Falls has a pool deep enough to swim in if you choose.

Arethusa Falls: 140-160 Feet- This waterfall, due to it being one continuous drop, is claimed to be New Hampshire’s tallest waterfall! Located on Route 302 in the small town of Livermore, you can access this incredible force of nature by hiking 1.5 miles on a moderately difficult trail. The falls were discovered by Edward Tuckerman in 1875 and he chose the name “Arethusa” which in Greek mythology, was the name of a nymph that turned into a fountain.

Crystal Cascade: 100 Total Feet- The two-tiered cascade was rated 5 out of 5 stars on for being an “outstanding” waterfall! It is located off of Route 16 and the 0.3-mile easy/moderate trail begins at the Pinkham Notch AMC Center. This is one you do not want to miss.

Jackson Falls: 100 Total feet- Right off the road on 16A, near Jackson Village, you will stumble across these rolling falls that appear to go on forever. This picturesque park offers picnic tables and multiple small pools to swim in.

Ripley Falls: 100 Total feet- Located in Crawford Notch State Park on Route 302, these falls are in close proximity to Arethusa Falls, and is an easy/moderate 0.6 mile hike, so you could hit both in the same day! Ripley Falls rock face has one of the steepest angled slides in all of New England and you may see adventure seekers rappelling down the falls.

Beaver Brook Falls: 80 Total feet-This spectacular waterfall is on the roadside in Colebrook. When you arrive at the falls there are covered picnic tables as well as restrooms, so you can bring a picnic lunch and relax, letting the falls mesmerize you.

Glen Ellis Falls: 64 feet-This is one of the most popular waterfalls in the Pinkham Notch area and is located off Route 16 in Jackson. A quick and easy/moderate 0.3-mile journey will bring you to this spectacular waterfall. As tempting as it is to jump into the green pool of water at the bottom, swimming is prohibited here.

Huntington Cascades: Upper Falls-50 feet, Lower Falls-18 feet- This waterfall, located in Dixville Notch State Park, is broken up into two separate cascades, with the lower falls being accessible by an easy 5-minute walk and the upper falls, only another 5 minutes up the trail. Towards the upper part of the falls, there are several rock ledges that you can relax on and take photos of the falls.

Sabbaday Falls: 45 Feet- Last, but not least, is Sabbaday Falls, located on the legendary scenic Kancamagus Highway (Route 112). These popular falls have a 45 foot drop and are accessible by an easy 0.3-mile walk in the woods. The trail all the way to the top of the falls is handicap accessible. Swimming is not allowed but there is a picnic area and restrooms near the parking area.