Foliage Tracker

The 2017 Fall Foliage season is well underway here in the White Mountains. We are seeing some lingering spot reds and plenty of oranges and yellows throughout the area. In some of the higher eleveations, you can also see some dark reds. Please see below some of our favorite routes/drives to see and enjoy our beautiful autumn season.

Report by Regions (as of October 19th)

White Mountains Fall Colorometer

Western White Mountains - PEAK
Towns: Lincoln/Woodstock, Campton/Thornton, Waterville Valley, Plymouth

Suggestions: Route 112, Kancamagus Highway, heading east to the height of the land is very nice. Waterville Valley, Route 3 to Route 49 and Route 3 from Campton to Thornton.

White Mountains Regional Map

Northern White Mountains - Past Peak
Franconia Notch, Franconia/Sugar Hill, Bethlehem, Twin Mountain/Bretton Woods

Suggestions: Route 18 from Franconia Notch down through to the town of Franconia or Route 117 from Franconia through Sugar Hill. Route 302 from Twin Mountain through Bretton Woods to Crawford Notch.

Eastern White Mountains - 90%-Peak
Bartlett/Glen, Jackson, North Conway

Suggestions: Route 302 from Bretton Woods Route 16 around Jackson and Conway.

Southern White Mountains / Lakes Region - 80%-90%
Ashland, Meredith, Center Harbor, Tilton

Suggestions: Route 3 from Ashland through Holderness and Meredith is pretty.

For more information on Fall Foliage throughout New Hampshire
visit the State of NH website at (link is external)