Spring Activities & Events in the White Mountains

It’s spring in the White Mountains! Before you let your head get filled with images of blooming flowers and sun-soaked strolls, remember that spring in our neck of the woods looks a little bit different. The sound of birdsong will certainly fill the air, and there’s a renewed sense that summer fun is just around the bend. There can also be snow sticking around much longer than you’d expect, late season snow squalls, and inevitably, mud.

Don’t let that discourage you, though. There are far fewer crowds and plenty of fun to be found this time of year. Explore an aquarium or try an easy, low-elevation hike. Take a train ride. Shop for summer, all tax-free. If we get enough snow, you could even try out one of the best things to do in the White Mountains: spring skiing!


To make the most of your trip, pack sensibly and plan ahead. Bring plenty of layers and sturdy shoes that you don’t mind getting dirty, and call around before you hop in the car to make sure your preferred restaurants, shops, and activities will be open during your visit (as many small businesses use this quiet time of year to prep for the White Mountains' busiest season).

Most importantly, have fun! Spring in the mountains has a magic all its own.

Planning on going on a hike? Remember that winter sticks around much longer at higher elevations (aka, pack for snow regardless of the weather conditions found at home or at the trailhead). Each spring, many hikers have underestimated the seasonal challenges found at every elevation in our mountains. Unless you’re experienced, well-prepared and well-informed, and hiking with a partner, we suggest sticking to shorter, lower elevation trails until true summer conditions can be found from base to summit.

For additional hiking information, head to our Hiking page.