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White Mountains Holiday Gift Guide

The holiday season has arrived, and we know that you have started to create your gift-giving list. We also know that the perfect gifts come from the White Mountains and here you will find a gift for even the hardest person to shop for. Treat your family and friends to a day at their favorite…

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Easy Winter Hikes in the White Mountains

Winter walks in the woods are simply magical and there are so many amazing trails to explore in the White Mountains this time of year. While hiking in the higher elevations in the winter can be a challenge and sometimes even dangerous, there are plenty of hikes that do not require a lot of effort…

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Spooky Stories, Ghost Towns, and Historic Haunted Spots

The White Mountains is a place of many stories. For hundreds of years, the mountains have drawn people to its immense peaks and peaceful valleys. Along the way, the region’s history has taken on mythic qualities, with tragic demises, forgotten towns, and haunted hotels shrouding those spookier of…

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Spend a Fall Day in the Mount Washington Valley

A visit to the Mount Washington Valley this fall is a must-do, especially with the vibrant fall colors creating the perfect backdrop. Whether you are visiting for 24 hours or for a multi-day stay, sprinkle in some of these ideas to fully experience fall in this eastern region of the White Mountains…

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Scenic Foliage Drives Off the Beaten Path

No matter which region of the White Mountains you travel this fall, you will be surrounded by incredible foliage. However, sometimes it’s best to spend a few extra minutes taking the leisurely route off the beaten path. You may discover a town you’ve never heard of, or a road you’ve never driven…

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Fall Foliage Hikes in the White Mountains

We can’t think of a better way to get the most bang out of your foliage buck than to hike up a mountain and see the autumn world below you. September and October are the perfect months to hike in the White Mountains as the air is cooler, there isn’t as much foot traffic as in the summer, and the…

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