Sugar Hill Mountain View


One Day Fall Itinerary in the Eastern White Mountains

The Eastern White Mountains (aka the Mount Washington Valley) is an outdoor enthusiasts’ playground and between the mountain peaks, lakes, state parks, and plenty of forests, it’s no wonder that people from around the world descend on this part of the White Mountains during fall foliage season…

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One Day Fall Itinerary in the Southern White Mountains

Whether you call it the Southern end of the White Mountains or the Lakes Region, there’s no denying the beauty of this area, especially in the fall. Lake-front activities topped with mountain views make this a prime destination if spending one day in this region. Visit an Attraction Located in…

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One Day Fall Itinerary in the Northern White Mountains

The northern section of the White Mountains stretches from Franconia Notch State Park to points as far north as Colebrook and Pittsburg and one could spend several days exploring the ins and outs of this outdoor mecca. We’ll keep things simple and then if you want to extend your stay to keep the…

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Three Day Fall Itinerary for the White Mountains, NH

During fall, all roads should to the White Mountains – or at least, they should! While the fields of wildflowers in summer and endless snowcapped mountains in winter are spectacular, there’s something inimitably magic about fall in our region. Use this three day fall itinerary for some trip planning…

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Two Day Fall Itinerary for the White Mountains

Our two-day fall foliage itinerary will give you the perfect mix of the best White Mountains experiences: scenic road trips, local tastes, memorable (and adventurous!) attractions, and plenty of time spent enjoying the natural splendor of the season. For this special tour, you will start in the…

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One Day Fall Itinerary in the Western White Mountains

Choose your own fall adventure as you spend a day in the Western White Mountains! While you could spend more than a day (and we encourage it!), we know that sometimes you just need to get in the car, hit the open road, and find some fun adventure for the day before heading home again. Join us in the…

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